Everything is basics

I may be weird, but I really enjoy doing basics in training. I know that some people may get bored of the repetition, but I enjoy it. Every time you do a technique, you have the opportunity to improve it just a little bit.

In training this week, we did a lot of basics, and translating those basics into our kata. I am probably a very annoying student to teach, in that I am always asking my instructors to show me a technique or transition again. Kata is the most challenging part of karate for me, and I think that is why I love doing them so much. I want very much to do honor to the kata, and not continue to practice poor technique that is difficult to unlearn.

We had training on Friday instead of Saturday this week, and it worked out well for me because I was scheduled to do a Mudderella mud obstacle run on Saturday. I had a blast, and I know that if it wasn't for my martial arts training week after week, there's no way I would have ever wanted to even attempt a mud run, let alone captain a team and enjoy one!