Black Belt Pre-qualification Day

We took the show on the road. Down to a local schoolyard with a baseball diamond and lots and lots of empty space. Running laps (I sllllooowwwwllly jogged with my wonky, wrapped knee), doing sprints, bunny hops around the baseball diamond (why?!), wheelbarrows, fireman's carrys. It was a day.

Shihan told me I am crazy, but I'm just doing what I can. It's too close to not at least try. Yes, I would probably heal faster if I took a break, but if I took a break, that's going to negatively impact my conditioning, and I need that conditioning for the test. It is what it is.

Seeing the junior warriors push through pre-qualification was inspiring. It's not like we all love to run -- some do -- but they didn't quit. When teenager Anthony needed some extra cheering, we all folded in around him and helped him wrench that last bit of effort out of his body. Everybody kept going, and everybody passed.

It was a good day.