Training All Day, Then MMA All Night!

Our training was just slightly shorter today because tonight, our friend, fellow student, and instructor Isaac is fighting in his second MMA fight! He won his first fight by unanimous decision, and it was so much fun to go see him and cheer him on. Win or lose, it's a good feeling to know you've got your crew supporting you.

We did a lot of fitness and sparring today, rotating around the room to spar with different partners. I pushed some of the junior warriors pretty hard today. I know they have more to give, and I guess nursing my injured knee has me a little bummed out that I can't fully participate in some elements of training. I want them to understand that they have so much potential within them, and while they are young and they don't have any physical complaints, they should take full advantage of it. Get sweaty! Get uncomfortable! Get focused!

Shihan showed us a sparring technique that he has kicked all of our butts with countless times. Like, literally, he has kicked every single one of our butts with it! Usually he throws in a Bruce Lee-style shout while he does it. That's how you know he's really feeling it. (Every student who reads this will know exactly what I am talking about.)