Feeling Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

I love watching bo kata being performed, but often I just don't feel comfortable doing bo kata myself. We spent a lot of time on DiCervo's Dai-Ichi in training, and except for a couple of tricky spots, I think I have the line of the kata down fairly well. I always have difficulty in the quick sections of katas, whether open hand or with weapons. I want to try and execute the kata perfectly -- as Gichin Funakoshi says in the niju kun, "Kata is practiced perfectly, a real fight is another thing," -- but starting to advance through quick movement sections too quickly, too soon can be really frustrating for me. (One reason why Empi has been on my list to learn for a while now, but I haven't quite committed to learning it.)

It doesn't help matters that I affectionately refer to my training bo staff as "The Tree." That thing is heavy. After training on DiCervo's Dai-Ichi all day with "The Tree," I switched up at the end of class to a lighter bo, and it was like the karate fairy had come and sprinkled me with magical dust. Suddenly I was whipping that bo staff around like a maniac, feeling much better in general about my command of the kata.

Just goes to show that forcing yourself to be uncomfortable can ultimately make you that much better once you start to feel comfortable being uncomfortable.

Here's a video of future black belt Julian performing DiCervo's Dai Ichi.

Julian demonstrates this bo kata. NOTE: We noticed a small error when standing up to the split. The other foot moves.