Welcoming Guests to Our Dojo

Training today was replaced by a seminar. And not just any seminar, but one that brought together some incredible talents and experiences.

First up was Soke Haisan Kaleak. He and his students put on an incredible demonstration and instruction of their art, Sanuces Ryu Jiu-Jitsu. I can't really do it justice, so just watch an example of him at work.

Soke Kaleak's flow was just insane, and his students were some of the most polite, respectful young men I have ever met!

Next, we were honored to get a demonstration from Karriem Abdallah of his K.A. system of karate, which included him sharing his long and storied history in the martial arts. Listening to him talk about EVERYTHING was fascinating. I got the honor of making contact on a reverse punch, which he seemed to really enjoy! He had so much history and knowledge to share, that you should really just listen to him tell it.

This man fought on the undercard of Ali vs. Frazier, people! He's the first African-American and Muslim to create a system of karate in the United States. And he wore the white gi you see in these classic photos during the seminar.

We could have listened to him tell stories for hours and hours. It was a great day.