Good Pain vs. Bad Pain

Today, I felt the bad pain. The really bad kind!

In my regular morning class, during an agility drill on our toes, I felt an odd sharp pain in my left heel. I have had plantar fasciitis in that foot for years, but this was on another level. I limped out of the drill and tried to walk it off.

The second half of our class was all sparring drills, and I was paired with my sensei. I tried to use my other foot to support my kicks, but even kicking was causing pain. I pushed through, but it was murder. I was crying despite myself, worrying my young friends in class.

I still had two more classes for the day: krav maga and cycle training. By the time I got to krav maga, the tendon had become somewhat numb, so I took it light and raced home in my break between classes. I iced the foot, trying to calm it down.

The short icing break helped, but the pain returned for class. Jumping rope on one leg is a lot more taxing than jumping rope on two, let me tell you!

Ice after class was necessary, and I found a wrap to help support the foot so I can continue training. This feels like the kind of injury that I will have to deal with after my test, because if I deal with it now, I'll probably have to drop out. And that is not an option!