Who Are You Really Competing Against?

The answer to this question is the same, no matter what class, tournament or situation in which you may find yourself. Today in my first black belt cycle training class, I was reminded of the answer as we rolled through weapons drills, blocking drills and footwork.

My kali technique is pretty good, better than some others I have trained with. But what about my footwork? Definitively, no. I need a lot of work in that area. But what good does it do me to look at someone else who has better footwork and become aggravated or discouraged? It does me no good.

You may say, "But by looking at their technique, you can learn from them!" That is true. But, comparing yourself to someone else and bringing yourself down if you aren't as proficient just serves to discourage your progress. Learn from watching, but don't compare. Watching someone with outstanding technique, far better than yours, should be an inspiration, not a source for discouragement.

You are only competing with yourself, not them. The more you invest in your own training, the closer your technique will begin to resemble theirs.